October 25, 2021
October 25, 2021
The Georgia Red Cross visits "European School" to promote the #YourStamp campaign

The Georgia Red Cross Society, together with the Georgian Post, started the #YourStamp campaign in spring 2021. The stamp represents a visual of a national hero and the Georgia Red Cross volunteer, Maro Makashvili.

 The Georgia Red Cross representatives visited European School in Tbilisi to raise awareness about the stamp and the campaign.

The students were touched by the story of Maro Makashvili.

At the event, the Georgia Red Cross representatives discussed the purpose of the #YourStamp campaign and the importance of volunteer culture.

Among other schools in Georgia, "European School" is the first to join the #YourStamp campaign by involving its volunteer students in the stamp promotion. The students are excited to contribute their time and efforts to helping the Georgia Red Cross beneficiaries.