On May 11-12 Red Cross Weekend was held in Tbilisi , this activity was organised by leader volunteers of Gori branch and internally displaced young persons. Purpose of Red Cross Weekend was improvement of volunteers knowledge and development of leadership skills, through sharing of experience and formation of organization skills. Activity was planned by volunteers themselves. They have jointly selected the theme, determined agenda according to which activities were realized. Red Cross Weekend included as practical so theoretical part, participant conducted sessions on gender, skills needed for communication debates. They also made discussions in connection to themes actual for youth, such as friendship, understanding of family, mates, love etc. Red Cross “Weekend” supported strengthening of leadership skills of volunteers and their individual development. Participants expressed a wish to plan and realize such activities in the future too. This activity has been conducted within the framework of “Power of Youth” project, which is implementing in Gori municipality, seven settlements of internally displaced people and Gori town with support of Danish Red Cross and Eric Turne Fund and aims to inclusion of volunteers of Red Cross and young people residing in settlements for involuntarily displaced persons in active civil activities, by the use of innovative methods and improvement of social liability.