On September 20, 2018, Georgia Red Cross Society organized coordination meeting with the Non-State Actors working on Disaster Management. The meeting was held in Tbilisi Marriott Hotel and aimed to present effective coordination tools, elaborate recommendations for the emergency management structures as well as share experience and good practices with the participants. The meeting was attended by the representatives of the ICRC, Danish Red Cross, Austrian Red Cross, Emergency Management Service, Ministry of Education, Tbilisi City Hall and the non-governmental organizations such as ASB, REC Caucasus, Save the Children, Bridge Innovation, RDFG and others. Non-State Actors meeting is very important platform to share information and experience among partners, ensure effective disaster preparedness and response, establish proper coordination and communication among key stakeholders, as well as to plan joint future steps for achieving common goals. This kind of meetings aim to provide regular updates about ongoing Disaster Management process and distribute roles and responsibilities - “who does what and where” among the participants. The GRCS is the only Non-State Actor included in the Civil Security National Plan (# 417 Presidential Decree, August, 2008; # 508 resolution of the Prime Minister, 2015) with three main functions. Therefore, together with the Emergency Management Service the GRCS chairs regular meetings with NGOs presented in the field of Disaster Management.